Recollections, Reflections, and New Directions

- Fourteen Interviews from Acta Koreana,
- Published in 2009
Waxen Wings

- The Acta Koreana Anthology of Short
  Fiction from Korea
- Published in 2011
Acta Koreana

Theme Issue Articles

1. Guest Editor's Introduction
2. Desiring from a Distance: Cinematic Theatricality and South
    Korea’s Cold War Gaze in Madame Freedom (1956)

3. Save Your K-Drama for Your Mama: Mother-Daughter Bonding in
    Between Nostalgia and Futurism

4. Screen Christianity: Video Sermons in the Creation of
    Transnational Korean Churches

General Articles

1. When Old Meets New: An Analysis of Korean Traditional Narrative
    in the Contemporary Reality TV Show Infinite Challenge

2. Royal Rage: The Fatal Encounter (Yŏngnin 逆鱗) as a Historical

3. Stone Statues at the Royal Tomb of King Sŏngdŏk (聖德王):
    The Beginning of Royal Funerary Sculpture in the Silla Dynasty

4. Article manuscripts should ideally be 6,000-10,000 words in
    length and be double-spaced through-out, including footnotes,
    indented quotations, and references. The font should be Times
    New Roman, 12 point. Book reviews should be 1,000-2,500 words
    in length.

5. Teaching Democracy: The Discourse of Democracy and Education
    Reforms under the American Military Occupation of Korea,

6. Engaging the Urban Buddhist Laity:
    The 'Buddhist Solidarity for Reform' Organization in South Korea

7. Second Language Acquisition and Processing of Korean Locative
    Locative Constructions by Chinese Speakers

Literature in Translation: A Kasa of the April 1960 Revolution
Hyŏn Chingŏn’s "Home"

Book Reviews

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