Recollections, Reflections, and New Directions

- Fourteen Interviews from Acta Koreana,
- Published in 2009
Waxen Wings

- The Acta Koreana Anthology of Short
  Fiction from Korea
- Published in 2011
Acta Koreana

Theme Issue Articles

1. Guest Editor’s Introduction
2. Recovering a Confucian Conception of Human Nature:
    A Challenge to the Ideology of Individualism

3. Goodness and Qi: the Late Chosŏn Debate on Human Nature
4. The Significance of the Concept of Mibal 未發 in the Horak Debate
5. Between Heaven and Earth: Tasan Chŏng Yagyong’s
    Understanding of Human Nature

General Articles

1. From Jealousy to Violence: Marriage, Family, and Confucian
    Patriarchy in Fifteenth-Century Korea

2. Telegraph Lines and Postal System: How Communication Systems
    Served as a Conduit for Korea-Major Power Relations from
    the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century

3. The Role of Modern Shishi Ideals in Sympathetic Japanese
    Appraisals of An Chunggŭn

4. Water Management Projects and Floods/Droughts in Colonial
    Korea: The Case of the Man’gyŏng River in the Honam Plain

5. A Study of Soviet Influence on the Formation of the North Korean

6. The Origin of the Sijo (時調) Poetic Form in Relation to Old Korean
    Music Scores

7. Networks of Disquiet: Censorship and the Production of Literature
    in Eighteenth-Century Korea

8. Deconstruction of Ideological Discourses:
    Ch’oe Inhun’s Sŏyugi (The Journey to the West, 西遊記) as a
    Parody of Xiyouji (The Journey to the West, 西遊記)

Literature in Translation: Three Early-Modern Kasa

Book Reviews
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